Bridge Monitoring

GPos has provided analysis and interpretation of GPS data for several structural health monitoring demonstration projects such as Sunshine Skyway and Dames Point Bridges in collaboration with the Florida Department of Transportation and Leica Geosystems, Inc. and the Mackinac Bridge in collaboration with the Michgan Department of Transportation, The Mackinac Bridge Authority and Leica Geosystems, Inc.

This figure shows the normal, daily motion Sunshine Skyway Bridge south tower. The bridge towers bend away from the Sun, towards the west, as sunshine heats east side in the morning. The towers move in harmony with the Sun as it crosses the sky until they are bending to east at sunset.
South Tower

This figure shows the normal motion of the Mackinac Bridge during a loading event. The top panel is the motion of the south tower, the middle panel is the mid-span, and the bottom panel is the north tower. The north component of displacement is shown for the two tower stations, and the up component of displacement is shown for the midspan station. This figure reveals the bridge's response to the passage of a single heavy vehicle crossing south to north. Note the symmetry of the midspan's vertical motion and how the north and south towers "mirror" each other.
South Tower

2009-02-15 18:41 UTC